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Purchasing solar panels from SunState was unexpectedly easy and uncomplicated. They have figured out the process and the pitfalls (including financing) from start to finish. There were no frustrations or disappointments. The customer service was excellent. We highly recommend them.

SunState Solar has been a pleasure to work with. Glenn was thorough in his explanations each step of the way as well as responsive and flexible. Jeremy was extremely helpful and patient with filling out the paperwork! The customer service was impeccable, making us feel like their most important customer! We have already seen the benefits in our solar after only 2 months!

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1. Sunlight and Your Solar Array

The sun is an incredible resource of energy! Solar panels soak up the energy the sun provides and converts sunshine into electricity.

2. Solar Inverter

Through the inverter, direct current (DC) power is converted from the solar panels into alternate current (AC) power for your home and/or business.

3. Net Energy Meter

The meter keeps track of all the energy your solar power system produces. Any energy you don’t use goes to the electrical grid.

4. Utility Grid

When you have excess/unused electricity, it is sent to the utility company where you can sell your power during peak hours and get credits back to you at night or during cloudy days.

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Now is the right time to consider going solar. It’s never been more affordable, with more options and tax benefits for your home or business. Choosing SunState Solar is the right choice. With hundreds of satisfied customers, SunState offers New Mexico’s only concierge-level service throughout the whole process from permitting to installation to warranty to service after completion.


It means a higher level of service and personalized solutions every step of the way. It starts with recommending a system that meets your individual needs. SunState works with many manufacturers and will utilize the best products available in the design of your project. We handle all the details of permitting, coordinating with the utility company, and making sure our customers are 100% satisfied every step of the way. It also means that our customers have direct access to us with questions or concerns. There is no call center. No voicemail run around.

What it doesn’t mean is higher prices. SunState Solar offers competitive pricing backed by a commitment to our customers. Often, customers think cheaper is better, but in the end, it winds up being more expensive and often the system installed is of lesser quality.



  • Saving with Solar: You’re in a lifetime contract with the utility company that is subject to constant rate increases. By switching to solar, you’ll save money on electric costs, and you can take control, avoid rate increases, own your power, and invest money that you're already spending every month.
  • Increasing Your Property Value: You can add value and appeal by future-proofing your home or business with a state-of-the-art solar system.
  • Decreasing Your Carbon Footprint: Going solar is a choice that will leave a better future for generations to come.

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Three reasons to go solar now


The days of relying on the utility company to power your home, the concern about the energy crisis and the continued rate increases on power bill are over for you and your family. Safe guard your family and enjoy energy independence for decades to come with home solar.


From climate challenges to a failing grid infrastructure, solar energy is your assurance that you can keep the lights on when the power goes out.


We can all do a little better to take care of our planet. Help preserve the earth for future generations by going solar today.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if my panels break or my roof leaks?

We offer industry-leading 25-year warranties on our workmanship, panels, and inverter. Plus, we've got your roof covered with an unmatched 10-year roof leak warranty.

Am I going to have two monthly bills for solar and electricity?

Our goal is to offset your electric bill 100%. This depends on a lot of factors about your roof. If we can generate 100% of your electricity from solar, you won't pay an electric bill!

What happens if there's a power outage?

We offer two options for electric backups: battery backups and generators. Please let us know you're interested in backup options in your appointment!


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